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100mg of Stretaline??

Anyone felt really bad on this dose? It's only been a week for me but I'm so anxious and sweaty get dizzy spells have no motivation to do anything outside of house. I have a job interview in 2 weeks time working for the NHS I'm really excited which is a positive but I'm hoping I feel better and can handle a new work place and a lot more people than my present job. I don't want to feel fear 😥

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Did you start of on 100mg ?

I know people that have had great results from these meds but they started of on a lower dose and worked their way up as to eliminate the side effects which it did help

The side effects hopefully will be a lot better in a couple of weeks but if you have started on a 100mg you could always ask your Doctor if you could go have a smaller dose and work your way up because you are feeling bad side effects

Well done with your new job :-)

Once you start there it may also help your anxiety as you will be distracted , you are going to have fears everyone does starting a new job but I am sure they will look after you and after a few weeks getting to know everyone you will settle in lovely , you will have to let us know how it goes :-)

Take Care x

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I started on 50mg for couple of months didnt feel it was doing much so asked to increase to 100mg in hoping they help me feel better and more positive and less fearful when need to socialise x


See how you go , it could be in another couple of weeks it all settles down usually does :-) x

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