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Im really in need of some help or answeres. My anxiety is getting so much better but i have still have leftover side effects. I have chronic tension headaches, i clench my teeth and the right side of my face feels greatly affected by that. My vision just seems weird. My face and scalp feel tense along with my neck and shoulders and i cant focus. My arms feel like jello. Has anyone experienced this? Please share your stories how you got better anything.


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  • I experience the headaches, tension in my neck and shoulders, also clench my jaw, and as you describe vision feels wierd, that's what I always say. I get lots of others too, aches and pains all over, constant worries all the time, it's really hard. My anxiety started around 7 years ago, ive had some good times but over the last 2 years I've found things so difficult. Does it affect you daily, like going out etc? X x

  • Yes it does. I have 2 kids and its really hard to take care of them when i cant focus. And when im not having an attack i still have the tension. I just want to think clearly and function normally again

  • Aww 😩 I no the feeling, I've 4 children to take care of, hate doing the school runs, my partner does most of them. When I'm not having an attack I'm just full of worries which makes me feel like s***! Are you having any therapy? How long have you suffered for X x

  • Ive had it about 4 years ago but then got better then 2 years ago it came back with vengeance. I was in therapy for a little

  • I've just started cbt therapy again, I've had it in the past, I really hope it works but I'm not too sure x

  • I hope you find relief, i wouldnt wish this on anyone. Thank you for responding

  • mommabear, every one of the above mentioned symptoms I experience. Today is beyond my control. I have blurred vision too. Arms feel like jello. Not sure it is a tension headache but my head feels weird and it won't go away. Neck tight, shoulders so tense they are touching my ears. I just keep crying on and off today. The sun is out and the day is beautiful in Chicago, but I'm hiding in the house with the drapes closed,

    As for getting better, it's going to take me settling down with some imagery, relaxation and deep breathing. Unfortunately, my cd player isn't working today. I may go on

    Utube and choose something to help. Wishing you better days...

  • Wishing you better days also. These symptoms are so hard to live with. I know everyone is different but what helps you

  • Hi dear, I'm just going to have to wait it out. Maybe have some tea and listen to my relaxation tapes. It's unusual to have lasted all day long. I'm so on the verge of crying.

    Hopefully tomorrow will be better for both of us. x

  • Some people swear massage works, but I find that I'm sore for days afterward.  Maybe you can teach your kids to rub your neck & head?

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