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Jerking when drifting off to sleep

hi guys!

A few nights this week every time im drifting off or only been asleep for a short period of time. I get this Jerk thing happen when I wake up.. feels like my heart skips a beat? Im worrying I have heart issues but im told this is all to do with anixtey is this normal??

Thanks Hope someone can help!! Im going crazy!!

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You might want to check with a dr about possible sleep apnea


Hi, that use to happen to me when my anxiety is at it's highest. Our muscles are so tight that when we finally do fall asleep, our muscles go into relaxation mode and gives that total body jerk feeling. I've never thought twice about it. Pass it by your doctor to see what he says if it continues to bother you. Our bodies need the rest after a day of anxiety.

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