Hpynic Jerks

Hi All,

Do any of you suffer with hypnic jerks? The jerks you get before falling asleep?

I seem to get them in the day time.. They started when my anxiety started so not sure if its related....

It literally feels like my head has one for like a split second.. its horrible then fills me with panic :(

I do feel like im jumping onto other things now, I am not sure whether my mri would have picked this up you see... I am worried its something like epilepsy :( x

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  • Hi fedup

    You are really going through it , I was so hoping once you had those results it would give you peace of mind , as I am sure the tests you have had done are so accurate , that its impossible to do any more

    I have those sensations have for years as well as my legs jerking when I am dropping to sleep sometimes , which makes me think , hang on whats happening here then :-/

    But it passes ,so the answer is not a lot !

    This is your anxiety & you are so tuned into every feeling & with every feeling you feel your body is going into instant panic

    I no its not nice & I do understand how fearful it is , I do wish you could be reassured that you are fine , you have had great care , scans done , you name it & they have given you the all clear . they would have picked up if there had been anything

    I woke up with a banging headache this morning , actually woke up with one :o

    Straight away my head started thinking , hang on here , this isnt right , I shouldnt be waking up with a headache , Oh goodness this is a BT it has to be !

    Unlike you I am not brave enough to have scans & I do admire you that you have been

    But I have to say wait , how long have I been suffering now , & relistactly do people suffer this long if something is really wrong & I am not a doctor but I no the answer is no & I have to keep telling myself that till the fear passes , its not easy but you can do it

    Hopefully when you have more counselling this is going to help , you have fixed on a fear as we all do & you are feeding that fear which creates a cycle that can be hard to break

    You are alright , try & tell the sensations to do one , you are not listening , I no not easy

    Sorry this might not be of any use to you but we are reading , we no how you feel & we no this will get better

    Let us no how your counselling goes , fingers crossed it gives you a lift again, its early days but it will help :-)




  • I often get these as Iam falling asleep but so does my other half and he often jerks a bit when sleeping but he is healthy :-) stay positive Hun I will send that article xx

  • I get them when I'm falling asleep always have but these happen in the day :( I do wonder if I'm just exhausted?? X

  • Hi....

    This happened last time, when I got a clear MRI I felt fine for a day then moved onto heart issues :(

    Do you have them when your awake?? That's the weird thing you see I am getting them like in the afternoon when I am sat at my desk...

    I know what you mean about thinking the worse.. I had that this morning, I felt sick when I woke up and thought o god I've got a bug or o god maybe they missed something.. rather than being 'normal' and saying im hungry or its 7am!

    I suppose I just wanted a bit of reassurance to see if anyone else had had them...

  • Sorry this is a bit late , I am missing the news feed , got so used to looking at that rather than my emails , yet I didnt like it to start with :-D

    Yes I get it in the day as well , I get so many sensations , I get one that feels like a bee buzzing in my head sometimes as well

    I have had so many over the years & dont get me wrong like the headaches at the moment they do up nerve me , but I work hard to accept it has to be anxiety

    You come & ask for reassurance there is nothing wrong with that & if it helps to get you through which I hope it does , thats even better :-)

    Hope you are feeling relaxed now :-)




  • Feeling better thank you :) hope your having a nice evening xx

  • Hi Anxious me...

    Thank you :)

    I am at work which is better than 8 months ago! However I am not feeling great... just had something to eat though so hopefully will start to feel a bit better...

    I use to be like that, I remember just before Christmas trying to make Mince Pies and just getting what felt like exhaustion and giving up.. was horrible. I have to look back though and think well nothing happened and I am still here.. Ive just started reading a Mindfulness book which I am hoping will help as I do have a target to be better for my wedding in April :) x

  • I find it hard to concentrate when reading it but am forcing myself to...

    I was just explaining to Loopy that I have the all clear for pretty much my whole body I need to realise that it is anxiety now and cure that!

    I've been offered Citalopram but never taken it... I get scared taking any medication.. My minds that strong that my mouth starts burning when I take it...

    I am so much better than I use to be but am going down a slippery slope at the moment.. It got to the point about 8 moths ago where I couldn't be left alone, I didn't want to shower as I was scared something would happen and make my other half sit there in the bathroom with me!

    I am now able to shower by myself with no one in the house which is a huge improvement for me! I forget that I've come quite far but still feel really bogged down when I don't feel very well...

    As I said I am pretty sure its anxiety as when I am truly distracted - for example went surfing in June didn't have a symptom once whilst I was actually in the sea... only when I sat on the sofa when I got back... same as when I am driving no symptoms when I am concentrating and moving but as soon as I stop and my mind stops paying attention to driving boom my symptoms hit...

    My mum has always said if I actually wasn't very well it wouldn't happen like that, they would be there constant or happen when I am distracted and having fun...

    I have started to keep a diary and its always when I have a bit of downtime at work my symptoms come on strongest or when I get home and I relax...

    Sorry for the huge ramble! x

  • Well I had balance testing and they do this thing called caloric testing.. god almighty it was the most awful thing I've ever experienced! I started screaming, kicking, shouting I am going to die!!! It induces vertigo you see and my dizziness has never been that bad and I survived that so yes it can get worse but I didn't die lol!

    Smiley faces just a : and a ) next to each other :)


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