Can't turn my mind off even when sleeping always worried

Hi all I am new to the sight I feel like I am the biggest worryer ever I think I am getting worst as I get older. It started about 10 years ago on and off now I just can't turn off I am so worred I have something bad and I am going to leave my four kids. I had something found in my eye I was so upset it was bad stressing like crazy and it's ok then I was having headaces and dizzy weck mucles shacky nervous all the time thought it was my brain something bad Then I stopped thinking about that as I have to have a mole taken off my back and most of that feelings have gone away. Now I am stressing the mole on my back is something bad I am dreaming bad diying dreams can think about anything it's taking over my happy life my friends say stop worrying your fine. I just can't seem to turn off am I going crazy anyone else like this? Thanks guys


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  • I'm exactly the same! I see things much worse than they are and worry about every single thing, to me everything around me is just negative I cant think of anything good about it, and people are like stop worrying I'm just known as the worrier in the family I hate it but it is just anxiety making us think the worst of everything and worry about every single thing it's frustrating but try talking to people even your gp or someone could help xx

  • Yes you are so right thank you pinkcookie it's kinda reassuring to know that there are other ppl like me xx

  • Hi jog :-) will find most people here are exactly the same...I've got a burning stomach (reality is heart burn or indigestion) thought ...ulcer that's bursting or anything not easily solved. So yup lol can understand totally

  • Hi, it seems that you`re worried to get any illness and keep thinking that it will be true.The best way is to move your thought to something pleasurable, I don`t know, go for a walk, bringing an ice cream on the way, going to meet a friend for a chat,join a group to share same interests...try to find something to do for yourself, enjoy a bit of space just for you, even if it could be putting some nail varnish , baking cupcakes or inventing a new recipe..try and let me know

  • I can identify so easily with you Jogurn. It sounds like you have health anxiety as do I and many of us on here.

    A cold is bird flu and a mole is skin cancer to sufferers like us. It just rolls along worry after worry.

    You're far from alone.

  • Thanks guys this sight is great thanks for letting me know I am not alone xx

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