Always something!

Started Xmas time with funny tummy pains and bloating... Now I've come Down with awful pelvis pain, low back pain and still bloated , nausea on and off... Generally don't feel right! Had later symptoms a week tomorrow thought they'd go but aren't!! Luckily see my GP Tuesday but I am starting to really worry and it's making me panicky what's wrong??? Any ideas or experience like this please help I'm 42 yr old female thank you.


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8 Replies

  • I think seeing as you are female it could be gyno problems

  • Hi there, i also suffer with these pains, especially lower back and pelvis pain, i know that because of my anxiety im so tense and hold my body in such a way im hurting. Do you notice you are holding your muscles, could also be the reason take care

  • Hi there...sorry to hear your suffering like this...i have the same problem and have been to the doctors for blood tests for various also having a tummy and pelvic scan....i have cut down on dairy products and found this is keeping the bloatedness at bay for now...try not to worry to much ...go to your doctors appointment and have them test your could be IBS which is a pain but can be managed with tablets and diet...hope this helps ...take care xx

  • Thank you for responding, I've seen my dr , she reassured me but is sending me for a scan to check things out!! It's funny because whilst moving , walking etc it doesn't bother me , yet as soon as I sit or lie down I can't get up!! It's hurts a lot and spasms, weird I think 😕 we will see once again thanks for answering and I hope you've all had a better one today x

  • Hi, I've just come across this thread. Did you find out what it was? I hope you're feeling better

  • Scan all came back normal.. But still get twinges! Thanks for asking.

  • I'm glad everything came back normal:) it's such a worrying time. Take care

  • Thank you... Are you ok?

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