To be honest, I am not sure if I am alexithymic anymore. What if I am just so numb? Or, I'm a sociopath who can't control himself... I honestly don't know. My biggest problem is telling someone I love them because I don't feel "love", so, for example, if I tell my mother I love her, I would feel like I am lying, so I get this weird pressure on my temporal lobes and it makes me think that I am, indeed, lying. Love, is an obscured sentiment. But, what if I'm just so numb? I don't know. I am sorry if this post is annoying.


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  • it's not annoying. As long as it doesn't cause you to hurt any living things you are okay and not a socio. if you want to kick animals or have children you might have issues. Maybe see a therapist? the fact that you are concerned enough to post is a good sign.

  • Haha at, "if you want to have children you might have issues." That was hilarious. And no, I do not want children. I am an anti-natalist. Anyway, perhaps I will start seeing a therapist again.

  • That was simply rude. Someone was simply attempting to offer you hope which, maybe, is why you put down your words on here in the first place. Maybe the real reason is that you are hiddng behind your diagnoses.

  • Rude? That was rude? I honestly thought it was funny. I wasn't trying to be rude at all! Jeez, you call me rude, but you are the one jumping to conclusions and insulting me. One can never justify rudeness by being rude. Fool.

  • My apologies. I had no idea my reply could be perceived as rude. I am deeply sorry. I came here for some sort of help, not to be mean to people. I really hate conflict, especially being the cause of it, but I will defend myself. Again, my apologies. I will watch what I say.

  • Actually I was not offended by your response in any way, seemed fine to me but it was nice of someone to try and stick up for me and I do appreciate that. I need help here too. I assumed what anti natalist meant but I did go to google it to confirm :) We are overpopulated so I agree on that front. But I'm selfish and would have had 5 children if I could afford them, but I could only have one. It seems like you are on a journey but I think you will find that you are okay. Again, the fact that it concerns you is a good sign. Take care.

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