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Ready for the bin.


My body is ready for the bin. I'm 29. 20-22 I had bad anxiety but could still go out. 22 I have a baby and am better. Go to a concert get winded on a burger, nausea for nearly 6 years. Still have it now. Had another baby at 27. At 28 I go to a chiropractor about my stomach as hospital and doctors have not helped. Get made ill. Don't feel right panic attacks. Go to my mums friend who is an osteopath who cracks my neck now I am constantly dizzy. I had a good life and was a good mum. I'm a shit mum now and I don't want to be here anymore

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Hi there I am sorry you feel so low. Have you seen a therapist? Are you on medication?

Did you go back to that osteopath to let them know you feel dizzy after the adjustments? maybe you need another session or find a different osteo? If you aren't already see a therapist, possibly read some books such as Dare by Barry McDonagh and Hope and Help for your nerves by Claire weekes. As a mum you probably don't get much time to relax but this is very essential you need to take a bath or do something on your own to relax. Also seeing a group of girlfriends once a week or fortnightly. Exercise, meditation, yoga, watch funny videos in YouTube or get some comedy series to get you laughing. You could also find a naturopath if doctors arent making a difference for you.

I do hope you feel better soon, remember this too shall pass xxx

Need-hope in reply to Aazz

I've tried everything x

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