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Funny what we do for LOVE

My Daughter is coming over with my 6 month old Grandson i was happy to be honest. Then my chin hit the floor she said Mum would you get the baby some milky bar buttons? mmmmmmm i thought. She asked if i had been out even for a short walk i was like No its snowing and freezing cold. She was like put a coat on scarf etc and best foot forward i was laughing as she is so caring and wants the best for me.

Sat pondering for awhile then said to my husband lets go down the shops he never questioned it saying yeah sure.

Coming back i felt fairly relaxed and smiling to myself. All the time thinking how much i love my Daughter and Grandson enough to put myself in a positive mood. Hope this continues as yesterday i had an awful time.

Thanks to everyone who helps brighten my day gives good advice and whom i can turn to.


Seyi xxx

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Nice excuse for to get you out! And it is lovely for her to bring your grandson to visit on such a cold day.And a wonderful husband whom thoughtfully accompanied you,all and all sounds a nice day that other people do without thinking.A nice way to spend a Saturday,enjoy.


hi, bless you, what a good mum and nanny you are. my daughter is 26 and not wanting children, i would love to be a grandma, im glad you are proud of yourself and rightly so. wishing you all the best. xxx


Hi seyi so glad you had a positive day. What a great reason to go out I'm so pleased you managed to do it. I find its easier not to over think going out just grab your coat and go if you can. Ive got my nephew a chocolate rabbit and am soooo tempted to eat its ears 1 because i love chocolate and 2 it will then set me a challenge of making it to the shops to buy another! Keep taking small steps and maybe set yourself a small challenge each day. if you complete it great and if not no worries just put your feet up with a cuppa... you will be get there. love eve x


Hi seyi thats wonderful hun try to focus on the good rather than the bad days i keep saying yes this is a bad day but tomorrow is gona be a good one let the bad come and go and let the good make you more positive keep trying and keep going out little steps will eventually lead to big big steps hun if you do have a bad pick yourself back up the next day and leave the bad ones behind you will do it and they will gradually get less and less well done hun :) xxxxxxxx


Sound like wonderful and great shop experience. Love white chocolate.x


mmmmmm god i would kill for a milky bar right now. xxx


hi Seyi, that's good to hear and yes, it's amazing what we can do for the right people, lol. Some days when I haven't felt that good it only the thought of I have to do stuff for the kids and OH that keeps me going. You sound like you have a good husband and daughter, they obviously really care for you. keep going. What's that song ... I get knocked down, but I get up again!


Thanks Kaz

You are right about doing things for the right people i am fortunate enough to have 4 considerate children and a husband that would do anything to make me happy and lead a normal life :) Thank you for your comments and i will remember the tune

Best wishes

Hugs Seyi xxx


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