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Appendix? Please help quick!

Hi everyone,

I'm in need of help ASAP. I suddenly started feeling severe sharp pain in my lower right side. I could barely take a deep breath or stand up. I have severe anxiety so now I had a massive panic attack. Now the pain is not so bad but it comes and goes. I also feel nauseous and i'm shaking and my face is extremely flushed and burning. I don't know whether the nausea and flushed face is from the panic attack or whether it really is my appendix! The thought of surgery is sending me into severe panic. I dont know what to do! I am so scared, please help!

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Hi love just read your post Try and make a hot drink and sip it slowly are you on your own? I know what you mean when panic attacks you and it's always Worse at night when it's dark and every thing is so quiet I have been awake most of the night I Too suffer from a lung condition and anxiety and it's cruel what it does to you please please take good care of yourself and I hope the pain goes. XX

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Thank you for your response. I ended up going to the emergency room and did bloodwork as well as an ultrasound and both came back clear. Yet my side still hurts which is strange... Anyway, thank you again.


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