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lower back pain!

i think i write more posts on here than anyone, im constantly looking for reasurance. im having terrible lower back pain, almost like a period pain but do t have them with the contraceptive pills im on. im convinced there os a tumour or some form of cancer. the thoughts wont leave my head. i wake up in the middle of the night and the words tumour and cancer are all i think about. im so scared i often think about taking an overdose then cry hysterically because iv even thought about it. i think im dying. doctors always making me wait and never put my mind at ease . is anyone out there this bad? no1 at home talks to me about it anymore they tell me to shut up

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Hi Kylie,

I'm sorry your having such a tough time. I know what it's like when family get fed up of listing to me, it horrible. Sending you hugs.

I have IBS but I think this is true for everyone that back pain can often be trapped wind or constipation. People constantly underestimate just how very painful wind can be. Mine also seemed to be at its worst in bed. Try having a hot bath or A hot water bottle or massaging your lower stomach. Anything to try relaxing the muscles.

It could also be a bladder infection, if left untreated it can become a back ache even if you've not noticed any cystitis. Talk to your doctor about a urine test or an ultrasound to check incase.

Also remember everything and I mean EVERYTHING seems worse when you stressed and tired in bed. I've convinced myself I had an apendicks problem when I was tired and half asleep. Just tell your self that if there is a real problem it'll still be there in the morning when your rested and clearer headed. Its so easy to catastrophise when you need sleep. Try categoriesing your thought, identify that your thinking a catastrophic thought and then try thinking of something to counteract that thought.

If it does turn out to be just a pain try rubbing magnesium oil in your back. Recommended to me on this forum. And stick on heat patches.

Hope you feel better soOn. Remember your not alone! Xx


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