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is this normal?

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Afternoon All

I am 22 years old and for the last 4 months I have been dealing with anxiety and it won't go away. I keep getting a foggy brain, Feeling tired 24/7 even when I wake up, Sense of dread and feeling so spaced out. Is this normal??? I generally feel like something more serious is wrong? But with going doctors nearly once a week even hospital 3 times in 5 months I need to stop! how can I stop this anxiety? I am a very active person so I go gym 5 times a week. Was thinking about starting yoga on a sunday evening to start the week off with a clear head. But is there anything else I can do to help it. I only take rescue remedy when its bad. I have got tablets but barely want to take them. Can someone please confirm how I am feeling is normal and any suggestions on how to improve my mental wellbeing

Thanks all!!

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How you are feeling are normal anxiety symptoms , they seem very frightening when we first start to experience them and we are always doubting that it is anxiety because what we feel is so real until you have been there you can never imagine anxiety could make you feel this way but it can and does

Do you know if something triggered your anxiety of , sometimes there can be something that has happened in life that does and other times it comes from no where

Have you asked your Doctor about referring you for therapy this maybe more helpful than medication if you are not keen on taking them which is a personal choice

I am sure you will soon see you are not alone when you have looked through some posts on here and more reply to you as they log on which in a small way helps knowing others do understand how you feel as well as getting to realize we can overcome our anxiety

Try and be patient with yourself I think this really helps to :-)

Take Care x

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my granddad passed away 2 weeks ago and was dying from cancer I think this was the start of it all.. like most people I have a massive fear of dying and seeing my granddad the way he was for 5 months was heart breaking and scared me. That was defo the trigger I can control it that bit better but still have my good and bad days.

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I totally understand & so sorry for your loss

I lost my Dad to cancer and of course with him been my Dad I had a lot of interaction with him while he was suffering and then after he died I would start getting the same thoughts which I knew was normal but when you have a tendency to have anxiety it can start getting out of control

Your Granddad would have been a good age ?

My Dad was in his 70's and you I would presume will be young so your Granddad got I hope to a good age and this is what you have to try & focus on that you still have your life ahead of you :-)

Also you are not your Granddad so there is no reason you will have what you Granddad did as I also have to remind myself about my situation with my Dad

Have you grieved for your Granddad ? do you think any bereavement Counselling might help ?

You are doing really well in the way you are dealing with your anxiety and loss , give things time and it will even out and keep talking about how you feel , don't bottle it all up and slowly things will get better :-) x



First off, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your grandad. It is never easy losing the ones you love. It sounds like your anxiety may very well be related to his illness and death.

The anxiety and grief you are feeling is "normal" for having anxiety and grief. But you should not have to put up with feeling like this! It is incredibly difficult to seek help, but here is a great starting point to see that you are not alone. Many of us have been where you are and made it through, whilst others continue to battle every day.

The important thing is getting help and support. Yoga certainly sounds like a very wise idea, and a lovely way to start/end your week. The breathing exercises you'll do will also prove helpful when your anxiety is at it's worst, even when you aren't at yoga.

I think it is also important you do take your medication. Many people still feel the stigma attached to taking medications for mental health which makes them feel it is shameful or that it will mean they have to take them forever. It means neither of those things. Wearing a cast for a broken leg is neither shameful nor forever, it is the same for mental health. Yes, it may come back, but you could also break your leg again...

Of course, it is your choice whether you want to take medication or not, or stick with rescue remedy or calms, but it can help you break the cycle. I think getting some therapy or counselling support also sounds like it would be very beneficial as well. Talking to someone about how you feel is not only cathartic, but will be able to help you with finding techniques for when you have an anxiety attack, But also ways of feeling less anxious in the first place.

Get yourself a good support network, people you can go to when you struggle, and safe places to be. These will help you to calm down just by being around them. Make use of the people here and in similar places too. Many of us will listen and will often have advice to share too. There is also Elefriends which has a website and an app that is run by Mind where you can also find support.

Remember, the anxiety will make you feel as if there is something wrong, or something more serious, that's what it wants. Don't feed it!

Sunny x

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