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Really? All day everyday?

So most of my symptoms have depleted but I'm still stuck with the off balance feeling and I'm always tired. .. I sleep at least 8 hrs every night .. I do wake up in the middle of the night sometimes but I usually fall back to sleep. . If this off balance feeling and tiredness would go away id b sooo much better. . Anyone else deal wit this on a daily basis? If so is there away to stop the tiredness and off balance feeling?

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HI! I suffer from this too... a lot. Being at school definitely helps me have my focus somewhere else since I have to pay attention in class, but as soon as I get home I feel this way and gets me kinda depressed... if anyone has a solution for this or tips please let us know!


It really sucks doesn't it. .. I'm a stay at home mom so I don't have much to take my mind off of it. . Any help would be appreciated from everyone


Sleeping for 8 hours is actually normal. That's the average I would sleep 9-10 hours every day if I could, seeing as use up a lot of energy with being restless due to anxiety - I can't still at work or home. I'm always shaking my foot or something. This is just a way for my body to expel the energy it builds up. Sleeping over 8 hours isn't a bad thing, at least you are able to switch off and actually fall into sleep - a lot of those with anxiety or depression can't.

In terms of the off balance feeling, the meds helped me a lot to build up confidence. I never felt numb. Maybe your friend is on the wrong meds for her body? Everyone reacts differently to different meds but I think they are worth a try. I know it must be expensive for you, but if you are suffering then perhaps it would be worth it? Your health should come first, that is so important.


I have been having the same exact symptoms over the last couple of months with no relief. I didn't think it was anxiety or panic with all the physical things happening but that's what they tell me.


The off balance thing could be inner ear imbalance which you can treat with excercises... you would need to see your GP for those. This also can make you feel nauseous and tired. It's like having permanent travel sickness. I have suffered with this from time to time and it does make you feel really off colour.

I would suggest you go to the docs to see if it inner ear imbalance. Julie xx


The other thing it could be is a urine infection. This might sound draft but I lost my balance with this so much so that for a while I crawled around the house and went down stairs on my bum. Try moving slowly as moving quickly suddenly doesn't help. I'd go and get checked out at your GP.



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