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please help

i have been having nausea from anxiety for acouple years now. Has anyone else had this and does it get better or am i going to have to live with it forever? I suffer from emetephobia and was wondering if anyone else has this. i am going to start therepy for but i was wondering does it work, and what do they have you do? just feeling hopeless right now and wondering if anyone else has gone through this and gotten help.

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I'm sorry to read that you've been suffering for so long. Yes, I have experienced nausea as a result of anxiety. Does it go away? For me it does but that depends on how anxious I am at the time and for how long the anxiety has been going on for. I found that by not dwelling on the symptom or how I'm feeling in general, that it eventually passes after a few days.

In terms of the phobia you have, I have no experience of that so can't help on that level. Give therapy a try. You have nothing to lose and potentially so very much to gain.

Best wishes.


thanks but its hard not to think about it cause of the phobia


I used to wake up every morning rush to the toilet and be sick because I would get a surge in adrenalin from being so anxious and now I suffer Achalasia which is a nasty disease because the stomach acids burnt the lining of my esophagus .This went on for many years. I found learning to relax and not dwelling on things through Meditation. Try it out just 10 minutes per day or 3 times a week , try the breathing one its on wiki step by step instuctions. I hope this helps because not treating this can cause more illnesses later on in life, I put can cause because we are all different. ☺.


thanks and ive tried just about everything nothing seems to work


hi i think im having the same problem. over the last 4 days iv had a cold but also been vomiting with a burning sensation in my stomach. people keep saying its just a tummy bug but im getting myself so worked up and anxious im not sure if its anxiety. do you get the warm sensation inyour upper abdomen? also anxiet im told brings on acid reflux which also causes nausea and vomiting

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I have awful nausea, it started about eight months ago during a v stressful period and it, plus upset guts, has kept coming back, ever since. I'm feeling it now hence being on here. Just wanted some reassurance that I'm not alone and of course I'm not!

It does seem to happen after a period of stress eg work stress. Just avoid, stomach pain, stomach cramps, upset guts. Feels really awful cos v hard to ignore.

Naturally I worry that it's something serious but the last doc I asked said it was stress. I'm due to go back in a month so will mention it again, it's worth you doing the same.

Good luck, and there are always people on here to give support!


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