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Advice / help please


All has been mostly ok .. Until I've got a fuzzy head , with dizziness , slight nausea, and very tired ..but what's worrying me most is heavy limbs like I'm pulling against weights and I feel like I struggle sometimes to get my words out ( like I'm tongue tied) I don't want to google but I'm wondering if it's like migraine ?? Or much worse .. Bloods all ok a couple of months ago.. Advice or if anyone else felt this id be very great full for your input .

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Hi there, watch my last post, hopefully you will get something positive from this

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Thank you !

This is exactly what I've got. I've had a CT scan and all is well. I'm thinking to take a nice bath to relax tonight you should do something that relaxes you 😘

Sorry you're going through that and if it helps I've had all that. You should always get checked by proffesionals but it sounds like what I went through and still go through and it's anxiety. Anxiety plays with you're nerves and nerves and muscles are intertwined so one affects the other. If your feeling anxious for whatever reason then you're mind and body react. A lot of people have the same symptoms. I was terrified when it first hit me, I honestly thought I was dying from something but glad to say I'm still here lol. To top everything off I have one of those husbands that's not very understanding to say the least. He looked at me when I could barely talk and I was having all the same issues as you are minus the dizziness at the time and he said "you don't look good" hahahaha so he's like the cherry on top. You have to find a way to get back to your old self. Keep telling yourself "I'm normal", "everything's ok", "this will pass", say those words over and over and try to remember how it felt before this stuff came on and try to be the person you were before this came on. Sit in a quiet place and meditate, think positive. I hope this helps, you're not alone.

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Thank you .. Had a better day .. It's just so hard when you're working and trying to be normal ! 😁

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