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Any other anxiety sufferers have weird heart feelings And weakeness?

I'm pretty new to anxiety, and I figured I'd join this board just to get some experience. About two months ago I started getting weird visual disturbances and lightheadedness and headaches. About a month ago I started getting chest pressure and weird feelings in my chest and heart area. I got a head ct done so I'm not worried about my head, but I'm still not convinced this can be all anxiety, I feel awful all the time!

So I was just wondering if other people on this site get weird heart feelings like full body fatigue/dizziness and loopiness when they're walking, or a high pulse. Sometimes I don't even feel that stressed and I'll feel really out of it, even after a day where I felt pretty good!

I'm kind of worried I have heart problems or that maybe my anxiety triggered them. I just feel so out of it when I get these little heart "attacks" anyone else have weird heart problems with fatigue and general doom feeling?

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Yes it sounds all pretty text book I'm afraid... Just because we feel ok for a few days in our heads doesn't mean our body and symptoms will disappear it takes ages for our bodies to gain their equilibrium. I'm sorry to say. X

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I have been keeping a journal and without fail on days of higher than normal stress I experience the same type of symptoms. Sometimes I think I have it under control by ignoring the stress related issues but I have found it best to face the stress and anxiety rather than have these random sensations. These type of "attacks", as you call them, only serve to increase the anxiety that is already there. Because I have suppressed the anxiety in the first place it seems as if the attacks have happened for no reason.

That is where I have found the journal to be so helpful. I can review the previous few entries and often find the source of the stress I have been ignoring instead of handling. Sorry if this is too rambling of an answer but I just experienced an episode myself last night.

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sorry to hear of this but that are u feeling that is weird feelings is it pain? spasms twitches or shooting pain


Nothing too painful, just kind of dull pain and pressure. Seems to be worse if I take a really deep breath like the muscles are strained. My actual heart feels strange and My pulse is also really weirdly high which freaks me out.


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