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Woke up felt good. Went shopping and within seconds of stepping into tesco. ...bam. .panic. !!!!!!! Ploughed through but hubby left me at checkout to pay and again ..panic. sweaty hands...dizzy...looking for escape...willing the cashier to please hurry. Gets out into car and broke down sobbing. I've really had enough. Fuck you anxiety and panic and depression. ... Sorry for language.

On 50 mg setraline gp talking about upping them to 100. , but I'm very weary.

Husband moaning about a sore finger.... God sake...I'd give a bloody limb to stop feeling like this . Bring back the good days.... make me normal and happy again ........x

12 Replies
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I know your pain. I am dizzy all the time and just want it to get better. Vicious circle x

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😩 it's horrible isn't it, especially when your out and it strikes, and you feel you can't escape and nothing helps. Even going to the shops when it's quieter is hard. Hope your feeling better x

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Absolutely... I agree with everything you've said, it is true people can't see how much you suffer and it's one thing after another, sometimes wish it were a bump or break or cut or some other thing .. They mend and get better! This just feels like it goes on and on always something to worry about. I wish you well, lovely picture by the way , from Mrs T, 1973m

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I'm sorry to see your anxiety attacks are so bad it's a pity you other half can't seem to be able to realise how your feeling inside and be there for you ! I've got anxiety and depression and it's great having someone you can turn to when you feel your anxiety building.up ! Please go back and see your doctor and see if he can suggest anything either increase you mess or change them ! I wish you well god bless ! David

Hi Laura, how you feeling now? Nice pic of you! 😆

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Thanks jill. I'm. Bit better now thanks. Big wobble earlier. How's you xxxxx

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Aww glad you're a bit better now, must have been horrible. I'm ok thanks, just watching telly in bed!

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Mrs B you are a bootiful lady.

We are all allowed a wobble every so often the important bit is how you deal with it and come back from it

Hope your feeling a bit better now xx

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Hi I'm Colin had all those feelings God knows how many times in past year was on citalopram then propanolol been on setraline 100 mg since October not had anywhere near the terrible feelings since think I'm about 80 per cent back to 'normal' hope your bit better and that setraline 100 mg help keep faith

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Thanks Colin. I'm. Just terrified of upping from 50 to 100. Dunno why though. I'm probably over thinking again xxx

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rome1977 in reply to MrsB08

When I was on citalopram doc just kept putting dose up 3 times last year I had to take time off work seemed to coincide with new dose felt I was having meltdown had to try something different a day at a time I'm ok but part of me dreads those feelings coming back I take it first thing in morning if you do up dose hope it helps ps my head has almost stopped the over thinking x

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That is my worse fear, being in a store and at the checkout and feeling so bad that you want to run or scream. I am so so sorry. You are a beautiful woman and I would never have thought you suffer from anxiety. Your eyes look kind and at peace. I never stop to think that possibly the person next to me also feels that way. Wishing you well. x

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