Weird dizzy feeling

Last night when i went to bed i started getting this weird dizzy feeling just feels ever so weird i dont lose my balance with it or owt its when im lying down or not doing anything i do feel quite ill tho like ive got a cold or something so maybe its that but never felt like this before its scary keep thinking im dying and on my way out does anybody else experiance this just feels like im gonna fall off the planet such a starnge feeling


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4 Replies

  • You could have an inner ear problem such as Labyrinthitis, might be worth looking up x

  • My Dr recommended Brandt-Daroff exercises when I had labyrinthitis, and they definitely helped. You can find instructions on YouTube and may be worth a try :)

  • I hope you will feel better today. Take care.

  • Yeah its gone now but it was really really weird cant be that serious if its gone ay:) hope everyones okay:)

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