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My Daughter just popped in

I nearly died a fortnight ago with life threatening Asthma attack which doesn't sound like much but its like drowning in your own fluids. I must say it spooked me enough to stop smoking now since that night. I was told another 5 minutes and I wouldn't be here.

My x told my daughter and she came in breaking her heart but since I cracked up I have shut off and didn't tell anyone. Depression can do strange things to a person all emotions can get lost and confusion sets in not caring for anything or the reverse you can worry yourself to bits. Not being able to control ones self can be hard also anger being so afraid you avoid anything and everything. I also think its happening to a lot of people and it will be like an epidemic . So many out there worried suffering mental health conditions like OCD Agoraphobia stress and depression. Did you know there are 9 kinds of depression? That shocked me . People where I live and probably all over this country are turning to drugs or drink to escape reality. Skunk is the Drug of the day and there are thousands upon thousands that are smoking it or growing it to sell to keep themselves financed up because it costs a lot of money if your a daily smoker. Kids as young as 13 are at it using petty crime to get the money. Can be very lucrative if you a dealer but most dealers smoke it. One big vicious circle really. The Government will never win this war on skunk never not even make a dent. Just like the prohibition in America 1930s it was doomed to fail. Just a matter of time before our government realize this and just like booze will cash in on the Tax side of it.

Went off track there but like I said most people today need that release from todays stresses. Depression is a bitch if it gets its teeth into you Stress can push people to do unspeakable acts and its growing. So don't feel your alone. Modern life is getting harder to live for so many.

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Hello there, just read this and sorry to hear this. I'm not long in, had lovely night x


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