major panic

sorry if I am reposting, but I don't know if my last attempt posted. so I have been struggling the last few weeks with chronic anxiety. I have put in my head that my throat is going to close up and I am going to go into anaphylaxis shock even thought I have never been allergic to anything my entire life. Crazy right? this is due mostly to the fact my "panic" symptoms have changed and are no longer typical. it feels like I am being squeezed on the sides of my neck down towards my esophagus. I also have pain in my lower jaw area. I have been to the ER 3 times and the Urgent care, and an ENT. Everything checked out great. I can not get rid of this feeling and the constant panic. Any suggestions what this might be? Or what I can do to get out of this funk? it's getting hard to leave the house or sleep. Kinda desperate never ever had anxiety this much


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  • The hardest but most obvious thing for you to do is this. ACCEPT THAT YOU'RE OK! I know it's hard, and it's far too easy not to believe the doc. You've been in 3 times and have passed with no issue, accept it my friend and things will start to ease up for you.

  • I find it hard to except it. Its like it from min i wake to min i fall asleep.

  • I know it's ridiculous. I am sure what I am feeling is related to me tensing up.

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