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Severe pain Achalasia

I have been having a lot of pain in my esophagus these past 2 days. I don't get spasms a lot but 2 days on the trot is making me worried. I just hope there is nothing really serious going on . My diet isn't the best for this illness Chocolate being the culprit. Only thing I can enjoy without being sick all the time.

I hope everyone on here are feeling ok and remember the trick to fighting anxiety is to learn to relax even if you feel you are if you suffer panic attacks and anxiety chances are your tensed up.

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I am suffering with indigestion really bad at the moment and getting a feeling like a lump in the same place as you and I understand when we have anxiety we always think the worse

Chocolate though is or they say is one of the worse things you can eat when you are suffering with indigestion or some kind of re-flux problem

Must say your profile pic makes me jump when I see it , makes me feel a little anxious :-/

Hope it clears up soon for you , if not like me I am giving it so long and will go and see the Doctor if I have to , I say have to because I only go when I feel forced and no other option again for me an anxiety thing

Take Care x

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Sorry to hear you've had a rough couple of days, not good at all. I think you should put a real photo of you on your profile! 😆😆😆😆😆

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Yea bit silly putting that one on. Pain free and feeling ok now so happy days.

How you feeling Jill ?


That's good glad you are a but better now. The photo aboves obviously your sense of humour ha ha but scaring the life out of folk!!

I'm ok thanks.

J x

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I haven't had a laptop for 5 years so much has changed must catch up on how everything works. Its all about the money though today. Cant live on fresh air and when the Tories came up with the pasty tax I laughed but bedroom Tax made me panic because I couldn't afford £53 a month without freezing and going without daily essentials. What will they think of next it can make anyone suffer from extreme anxiety.

Went off the track there but I noticed everything in the supermarkets have gone up again. Items used to go up a penny or so now goods can cost a pound extra overnight .The system has gone insane.


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