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Hello I have just joined this site a couple minutes ago because I want to know if anyone else is experiencing the same thing I am well I am 23 years old and I have only been dealing with anxiety for a feel days now I had went to the doctor because I left like i was going to have a heart attack and my doctor ran blood and told me I was fine and everything came back normal but everyday this happens to me I have these stabbing pains in my legs arms and chest and sometimes my ears feel like they are pounding and I get these really bad squeezeing headaches and sometimes my right arm will hurt and my shoulders and I get these pains on the top of my chest as well and feel like I am going to pass out sometimes I have called the ambulance to my house over a hundred times thinking I was going to have a heart attack and have been scared to death and tears and even going to the Heart Doctor tomorrow to make sure nothing is going on I'm so scared I even convince myself that I might even have a brain tumor:( I have 3 children they are 1 and 2 in 2 months old this all started when I had my last baby i'm scared to death in there going to be left without a mom I always feel like I'm going to die I've never went through this is ruining my life I feel so bad sometimes I don't even feel like interacting with my children and my husband always thinks I'm mad at him but it does not understand what it's like to go through it and it happens to everyday I wake up with these pains and I let it get the best of me and I start to panic even more and sometimes my lips were getting numb I'm so scared something is wrong with my heart I worry myself into a panic I've never ever had this happen to me before and the doctors keep telling me that is Anxiety and even put me on klonopin and I'm terrified to take because of side effects and the fear this is going to lead me into a heart attack can anyone let me know if they go through the same things I do I was just feel a lot better if I knew that this was caused by Anxiety because I don't want to believe my doctor I have a fear that something else is going on or is it all of my mind and this is really all caused by Anxiety thank you all for really please reply back to me thank you God bless

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Hello and welcome to you from all here. Your symptoms are what most of us on here have experienced, sorry to hear you are suffering like you are.

I hope this site helps you as the guys here are very caring and understanding.

J x

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Welcome to this site. You really are new to the forum. In a very short time you will see yourself in so many of the responses daily. You will get the support and confidence you need to deal with anxiety disorder. Having 3 little ones can certainly account for the pains in your chest and arms as you lift and carry the children each day. Your muscles don't really have a chance to relax and then you start to wonder if something is wrong. Your fear of medication is just another one of the symptoms of anxiety. Having children is a big responsibility that mothers have. Of course, your doctor is the one you should believe but sometimes it's just better hearing it from others who emotionally understand what you are going through. I wish you well and don't be afraid to reach out anytime, there will always be someone here to comfort you. I care x


My health anxiety started when I was pregnant and one of the scariest feelings in the world is you may die and leave your children. I live with this daily and its a struggle. I cannot give much advice as I am still struggling myself. However, although its hard to believe people know what your feeling, its a help to know that you arent alone in the health anxiety hell.


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