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Anxitey well i hope

Hey everyone i get hot flusterd pains in head ears feel bloked pains in left arm pains in chest pains in legs face feels numb and tight neck is tight and just feel like sh*t really iv been for ecg xrays and all ok blood tests all ok just feel down aswell at the black of my head there feels like thers a bump tlfeels like my head is bigger one sode than the other a little im 19 years old to so seems a little weired just need some reashurance thst i dont have a tumer or somthing or that i dont have a anurism or somthing just really scaired

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You are young and the chances of it been anything sinister after having all those tests done well the odds would be not worth betting on :-/

Someone has just posted a list of what anxiety can cause after your post you should read it you will be amazed that what you are feeling is anxiety related

Be reassured that is the Doctors thought for one minute there was anything more they would have you in but they have done the tests required and they have given you the all clear :-)

If you feel you are suffering maybe go and speak to your Doctor and ask about some therapy like counselling

You will see you are not on your own with your fears by joining the Community and hopefully that will help to reassure a little to :-)

Take Care x

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Thank u so much i just need to over come it lol

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