Well I Knew it Couldn't Last

Hi and good evening to all.

Why Why so glad you got your tickets, Rock and Roll Kid

Cookie so glad you slept and loved the Shakespeare.

Winter deep breath and smile, somebody who can bake like you well, the blinds ahh.

Bonnie you are so brave, going back to your dad's.

Ciaran your communicating it will make you feel so much better.

Jetstar did enjoy Positive Friday but...

Me well, as I said last night I knew I was buzzing far too much and on a roll, well it has all gone to rats today.

One positive managed to arrange a meeting with a now caring employer, only 2 accomplished of the list but did text my daughter.



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11 Replies

  • Thank you Shalom

    I must say 2 of your list is very good , I havnt ticked 2 of today , so you are doing better than me ;)

    We do give ourselves a tough time , must be the anxiety , we can tend to let negatives out weigh the positives :o

    Well I think you are doing Great :)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend




  • Why Why,

    Don't know how I'd feel without your comments.

    You have a good weekend. Don't have to many dreams!



  • You would manage :-/

    Thank you though , its really kind of you :-)

    I will try not to ;)


  • Thank you, I am smiling at the mo, watching 8outof10 cats doing countdown xxx

  • Carrying on smiling.

    I've gone back to the film I was watching at 03:45. Seen it so many times but really comfortable with it on.


  • I understand that one xx

  • I jus watched that it was so funny, did u enjoy it? Xx

  • Yes I did, very funny x

  • Hiya, I was cracking up with the kittens lol, superb programme xxx

  • Hi 1b4bed! Thank you for your positives and I hope you had a good day :)

  • LOL Shakespeare, i dont recall xxx

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