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My son

He has a blow out now and then but do constantly I nag . What else can I do he agrees with me so I know he knows it isn't the way to go but we was all young once looking for fun and adventure. Life can get pretty monotonous where I live. He haven't long broke up with long term girlfriend and he misses his baby its a long story. Letting off steam and leave it at that. Like I said I was very tired and very anxious.

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Don't feel like you have to justify your actions to anyone, it's your business!

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Thanks Jill I do over react specially when it comes to worrying about my son. I went through a lot with his mother she's not the caring kind and what he told me what she used to do when I left her brakes my heart. So I tend to spoil him a bit to much but that's what loving means making them happy but I ain't no push over either.


You sound like someone who has definitely had a hard time of it over the years and you are maybe overcomponsating! But the fact you know you aren't a push over either is a good thing!! 😊


Thanks, yes I do wonder how others would be if they walked a mile in my shoes same goes for all of us. How can we judge when we haven't experienced what has happened to other people. W here I live people Judge and I know they have had good family lives. I do not believe people are born bad I believe in nurture not nature.


How you doing today?


I am ok coughing a lot but that's all of 40 odd years of smoking 12 days of fags lungs bound to play up a bit.


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