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High all I have mentioned a book called DARE before , the author has also set up a Facebook support group this is a post from one of the members it has really inspired me tonight and I hope it will help you all too. See below

Healing from anxiety is so simple. It definitely isn’t easy, but the process is so simple its ridiculous!! It’s annoying to see the ‘professionals’ in the field make it so hard!

Theres a reason why conventional psychotherapy and other forms of mental health therapies don’t have a big impact on your emotional wellbeing. They might give you temporary relief, but from what i've heard from many many people, that’s it!

You go there, just to root up all your old problems and talk about them. Now i’m not saying talking about your problems isn't sometimes helpful, it is! But by continuing to talk about your worries and feeling sorry for yourself, are you really accepting them?

My answer is, no.

You might think im wrong, or you might think im right, the answers up to you :) But in my personal experience, psychotherapy does not work. Psychotherapy and anti-depressants have been around for years and years, and yet mental health issues are dramatically on the rise. That doesn’t add up to me?

They make the healing process difficult, when alls your body and mind want is a REST. I’ve said it before and ill say it again:

‘Your anxiety was brought on by excessive stress, so how do you expect to heal by stressing about it?’

Stress on TOP of stress! It’s the reason people stay in the anxiety cycle for such a long time. They haven’t just let their bodies relax. And im not just talking about the general ‘relaxation’ that your probably thinking of like laying on a couch all day, or staying in bed, that wont heal you.

You need to learn to go out to places and relax there, you need to let your body relax by not eating and drinking CRAP all the time and by getting enough sleep. It's obviously okay to eat junk food every so often, but not every day. Save your little bit of junk food for Saturday night. It's when your eating crap after crap after crap every day of the week that your body will really struggle to keep up with the stress of day to day living. (that's the 21st century for ya! ;) hahah) These things are silent stressors! You don't see them happen, but I promise, inside, your body will be begging you to change up your diet and getting at least the minimum required amount of sleep! They can make all the difference.

Stop LOOKING for recovery and recovery will COME to you!

You don’t have to do anything! How easy is that!! You’ve just got to accept whatever comes your way and let you inner intelligence heal you. Your bodies and mind aren’t sick, underneath this anxiety they are perfectly healthy! And its waiting to get back there, it’s wanting so much to begin to heal itself, but so many anxiety sufferers are trapped in this fear cycle which sadly, stops recovery from happening.

Let it go. All this worrying about your condition will just keep you going around and around and around in this cycle that ‘appears’ to be never ending. Do you know why it appears to be never ending? Because you keep worrying about it.

It’s like that part in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone shown in the picture below when Harry, Ron and Hermoine are getting trapped by Devil Snare when they’re going to find Voldermolt once they get passed the Three Headed Dog. The more they struggled to get out of it, the more it persisted, yet as soon as they let whatever happened, to happen, then it released them from it’s grasp.

They ACCEPTED EVERYTHING IT BROUGHT, and then it let them go.

You have to do this to release yourself of anxiety. Everyone I have seen who has recovered has done it THIS EXACT WAY.

If you keep fighting it, the hard truth is, your going to stay right were you are. I see all the time on this page people posting ‘I’m worried about this sensation’ ‘Im worried about this’ ‘Im worried about that’

And we are all here for you on this page if you really need guidance on this stuff, (although it is ALL spelled out clearly in the book).

But when your posting these things, it’s a clear indication that you’re not yet fully accepting these anxiety sensations. You’re worrying about them, and by doing that, your stressing out, and by stressing out, your keeping your body in this state of panic.

I still get anxiety sensations, and they aren’t nice, they’re not meant to be, mine are particularly worse during the day when its bright out, yet since beginning to accept the sensations i’ve come a long long way. My panic attacks have ended and i'm basically just dealing with a state of generalised anxiety now yet I fully KNOW that recovery will be coming my way. It might be in 6 months, it might be in a year, even a year and a half, it doesn’t matter, your bodies have been stressed out to the flipping MAX, it’s never going to recover quickly, but it WILL recover.

Pleaseee, do it for yourself, next time your thinking about a sensation and getting angry over it, think ‘okay, im not accepting this sensation’ and guess what!? Once you recognise that you’re not accepting the feelings and sensations, THEN you begin to naturally accept them, because you’re not being pulled into them anymore.

Do it for yourselves :) You all deserve an amazing life, and it going to be scary getting there, but once you get there, just think of the confidence, strength and bravery you will have to take over the world with! ;)

YOU are the only one that can heal yourself ;) Not Dan the Therapist who keeps talking to you about your problems... YOU.

Begin right now. If you haven’t read the book, READ the book! It's as cheap as a packet of chicken breasts from Tesco's. And once you read it, follow it. Stop looking for other methods when you don’t recover after two weeks, keep at it, accept, stop looking for recovery and let recovery come to YOU.

I DARE you!

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i really enjoyed that post.A while back I did post in that Ive begun to accept how I am, and even although Im not better by no means it has helped.Ive spent years and money looking for fixes,all a waste of time.Now I try to get on with my life the best I can, but I still love this forum as I dont feel so different from everyone else.I am still battling with low self esteem,another hurdle to come to terms with.


Have you read the book? It has a section about self esteem and telling yourself daily that you love your self. Wishing you the best x

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Hi, thank you for a great post.I understand every word your saying.and I also know your right...we alone can cure ourselves. nobody, or anything else can. what I would like to know is where can I buy this book called Dare.would love to read Miarose xxxx

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I wrote a post yesterday but it didn't seem to go through when I pressed Submit.

And then you came along today and addressed what I wrote about and that is "therapy". I had just finished yet another phone session yesterday with my therapist and as always got off the phone crying, shaking, distraught, head full, liteheaded and terribly anxious. I have believed for a long time that the answer is within ourselves but got wrapped up in feeling I need a therapist to lean on. You are so right, if all it does is stir up the things that are bothering us, where does that get us? I've done it all over the years and therapy is the only thing I haven't let go of. Maybe it's time. Thanks...

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Yes that's how I stopped it! I looked in the mirror one day and it's me who has to do this by worrying it does nothing! Getting thru that panic attack is what this site is great for! We r here for each other! That was a great thing you sent out! It does work! I never read the book, but learned to accept "me!" It does help!!!


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