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complete memory loss


can anyone else relate to this? When i first got PTSD i had a total emotional shutdown and when that happened all memory of my life before that point got locked away ......somewhere i know not where i watched a blog where michelle Rosenthal says you need to acess the unconscious and it may take a few different modalities to do that ive tried hypnotherapy, emdr, neurofeedback im currently doing TRE once a week and im also in talk therapy with a trained trauma therapist ny background is constant exposure to violence, emotional sexual abuse alcoholic parent blah blah im diagnosed with complex ptsd and recently got married and came down with a severe bout of adrenal fatigue that im battling my way through with low income and not many resources so im still numb emotionally and all that happened when i was 23 now im 42 i think the anxiety disorder has done a fabulous job of dehumanising me and i cant seem to get out of it no matter how hard i try and i keep getting sick due to the impact of stress on my body i spend all my spare money i get hold of on supplements........sigh

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