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Anyone else feel this way?

Hey everyone!

So I've gone from completely agoraphobic to now fully functioning. I couldn't even go outside and now I'm working full time and going on airplanes. I haven't taken one pill, I just pushed myself and actually make the decision to leave my husband. I felt he was causing me alot of stress and he was very emotionally abusive. That being said I'm alot better, BUT I feel so out of it like a walking zombie.

Everyday I'm confused disoriented and constantly not sure of where I am. I also get alot of flash backs and dream flash backs throughout my day. I'm so nervous worrying about all this will spiral me back into agoraphobia and all this hard work will be for nothing. I asked my doctor and he said I'm suffering from exhaustion and I should take my ADS, I sleep 8 hours a night but he's worried about the quality. I'm not convinced. I.sleep him in 2 weeks for a follow up but I'm wondering if anyone else feels the way I do. I'll be at work and think I'm. Somewhere else and cant concentrate and then my dream from the night before pops in my mind and I'm on my way to a panic attack. I feel zen and like I'm on auto pilot, just depression?? Let me know your thoughts.

Cheers xo

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Hi, you seem to have had a success in overcoming your agoraphobia. (I too, am agoraphobic) You're working, taking an airplane and left the person who you thought was causing your stress. It sounds like you might have left some unaddressed issues behind. Maybe the doubts if you did the right thing or the fact that you are on your own is unsettling for you. Could you be suffering from PTSD from your marriage?

Believe me I understand what it is like to be emotionally abused. No one can see the scars but they are so deep seated that I often wondered if I got well would I really be better. After all, I don't know anything but being anxious and agoraphobic. Sounds like your life is playing out in your dreams and causing some panic. You were so strong a person to push through the fear of going out. I'd hate to see you slide back.


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