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I have had anxiety for 10years now & just recently in the middle of November I started getting anxiety/Panic attacks every night & sometimes through out the day.. I haven't been driving because I am scared to drive.. These panic attacks/anxiety make me feel like I am going to pass out or even die.. I also feel like I am never going to get through this.. Please help.....

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Well you sound completely normal for having anxiety.

Some event or thought has triggered you and when you choose to deal with what happened to make your physical symptoms charge up like they have, you will start to feel better.

As far as dealing with the physical symptoms there are a few of us who believe that Dr Clair Weeks method of acceptance is a good way to learn that the physical feelings that you get can not hurt you.

They suck but they will not and can not do you in.

Whatever the issue is that sent you off the rails needs to be addressed with a professional. This way you can work both ends into the middle.

RELAX every single one of us on this forum , and there are over 30 THOUSAND, know exactly what you are going through.............

Thank you Indigojoe ...

I feel like the Anxiety/Panic attacks are never going to go away..

Yes they suck.. I hate the feeling & how they make you feel helpless.. I instantly need someone to talk to once they hit.. I also have Diabetes & I think this is why I get it more often...

This is going to sound ridiculous, but what finally got rid of my panic attacks in the car was to just sing the entire way to wherever I was going. Took me about a week and a half of constant singing and grooving my body to the music and I've never had an attack since then, even though the underlying issue that caused the attacks in the first place has not quite resolved. I think our brains can't be panicked and be singing at the same time, and the singing forces breath control so you can't hyperventilate. And when you finally no longer experience attacks in the car then there is nothing left to be afraid of, and the trigger of being in the car just vanishes. Please try it while taking a short drive around your block, or just start by simply sitting in your car with engine on and sing. Panic attacks suck but not being able to drive because of them is just a terrible thing to have to live with! 🙄

Miniwheats Yes that sounds like a great idea.. I honestly didn't think of doing that.. I figured maybe it would mess up my Anxiety/Panic attack more.. But music does actually soothe me. I will definitely try it.. First lil by lil..

Thank you Miniwheats

You're welcome!

Hi Sis in Christ,

We all go through different challenges in life, I’m sorry you are going through anxiety. I pray that you can still live a life filled with joy in spite of what you are going through right now and you will not give up.

Whenever I’m anxious, praying and singing worship songs help me to remain calm. I hope this will work for you too. You are in my prayers. Please keep sharing. God bless.

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