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Overeating while on Steraline??

Hey, Im now completey obsessed with food nowadays! Im not so bad while at work but when Im home alone or not I can EAT all day until I explode! I do not ever feel statisfied or belly full!! Its like an obsession its becoming extremely unhealthy and I dont know what to do. I was thinking it could be an ocd related thing with Steraline or because of the Evra Contraceptive patch, I need help. I can be motivated and do exercise then back to the same eating habit again its horrible! Anyone felt this way while on Anti d?

Ta x

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Some medications can give people an appetite and cause them to eat all the time as you are finding you are and I think if this is a concern to you it could be worth talking to your Doctor they may decide to swap medications

Hopefully you are not putting weight on and maybe to satisfy the urge to have something to eat if you can choose something healthy and low in calories

I understand it can feel like we have got a new obsession when we find this happening and then that makes us think of nothing else so adds to us wanting to eat even more can be a bit of a viscous circle like with any obsession but you will be able to sort it out if it does not subside even if it means changing you meds

Take Care x

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Hey...I need to try my best and stop the urge. I dont think I want to swap meds.x

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