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Head rush


I've had anxiety for a while. It's started to make me feel disconnected from the world around me it's very troubling. And very scary. I just feel like I'm going through the motions. I'm guessing these are symptoms of anxiety But in not very anxious Im really only anxious about how I'm feeling. My thoughts seem so distant. And for the last month or so. As in falling asleep. I get this head rush / adrenaline rush. And I'll jolt up. I feel like I can't breathe and and my like whole body starts to feel like it's moving. It used to keep me up a lot but now I kind of just except it and let it happen and then I fall asleep. Is this okay? Does it sound like anxiety? I'm just worried it's something with my brain. Because feeling more and more disconnected. And feeling like I'm just going though the motions and then this. Makes me think that something maybe is wrong with my brain. Or maybe it could anxiety/stress/worry.

If anyone knows what this could be or has experienced it. Please tell me

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I promise you there is nothing wrong with your brain. Ive had anxiety for years and what your describing is anxiety x

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