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Help :)

Over a month ago I had a strange pain in my left breast I worried and worried and worried about this pain. I googled for an entire week before going to the doctor. I was convinced I was having a heart attack, I was convinced my heart was in trouble. After seeing several doctors, 2 trips to the ER, and 2 cardiologist all came to the conclusion that it is not my heart, but it is anxiety. I still find it hard to believe with pain still present that 5 weeks ago I could have developed so much anxiety. I almost feel as if I am not convinced. I need just one more test or one more doctor to tell me it isn't my heart. I am 23 years old and have smoked for 2 years in college I currently no longer smoke. I still fear that I have a clogged artery somewhere or a heart attack is bound to happen. Am I indenail? could I be suffering from anxiety? or could this be my heart? should I seek other opinions? I read all these websites that say women can tell they have having a heart attack months before they have one.. I just fear that that is me.. and doctors are dismissing my case because of my age. I just need some input! I feel like I am going crazy every day I seem to develop another symptom and nothing over the counter has cured my pain. Thanks !

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It is really strange sometimes how our anxiety starts , you had a pain and it triggered fear you were having a heart attack

I think from what you have said your Doctors have not dismissed you but been very good by sending you for all the tests they have to make sure it is not your heart even though you are young so the chances are lower than someone older and I would try and put my faith in them as they are trained to pick up any abnormalities and yours have come back all fine :-)

Try and keep away from Google it will feed your fears and Google can not do an examination on you but your Doctors have so believe them :-)

Maybe you could talk to your Doctor about these fears and see if there is any Counselling they could refer you for to help you understand where these fears and anxiety is coming from

Keep talking on here so many will relate and you will see you are not on your own in thinking this way which does help a little bit :-)

Take Care x


Thanks I really appreciate it. I just wasn't sure if I was going crazy or really just headed for a heart attack ! lol

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Hi dear. I personally think you have covered all bases with your concern of your heart.

Your anxiety is making you feel as if you are not thoroughly convinced. Where would it stop if you gave in to just one more doctor, one more test? I've noticed that all of us anxious people are too medically savvy for our own good. You have your age on your side as well as the fact that you gave up smoking. Good for you. Stay well, be happy :)


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