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Someone please help me find out wots wrong

I started getting the odd shooting pain behind my eye one day then it was there every day but then there was a shooting pain further in my head in one spot it is scaring me thinking I have a brain tumor been like this for 2 weeks now because the the feeling behind my eye and the odd shooting pain is in the same spot wot is it ??

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Have you gone to The ER? I have a tender pain in the back of my head in one spot and it was scaring me but its related to anxiety i have stress in my neck and that cause headpains and headaches.. Do you have sinus issues? If u had a tumor you wouldnt have strength to ball up a fist as hard as you can or walk on your heels thats the test they gave me and i passed no signs of tumor. Its all anxiety related. Dont stress yourself or scare yourself take it easy and go see a Dr. Please get well soon..xx


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