I have a complex personality to say the least. People tend to describe me as 'unique', 'quirky' or 'Complete weirdo'. I know this isn't in a bad way, those same people enjoy being with me as much as I enjoy their presence. I like being weird, in this world being average is okay, being weird is just more than average. Its easier to be one's self than to live a life that doesn't come naturally to you. I enjoy being, feeling, and living with me. Through all the lows, highs, valleys and mountains.

I have been diagnosed with anxiety after having an panic attack while talking to a doctor about my mental health. I had been feeling down to say the least. My girlfriend forced me to go to the doctor, I knew I had to, I don't have a fear of doctors, doctor offices or hospitals. I just fear talking about my mental state. I was worried I would be deemed weak, girly, feminine. That they would send me off, deem me mentally unstable, a danger to my self. However I'm so happy now I went for that appointment. I learnt that I wouldn't be judged. The doctor was really nice with me, really relaxed (I need to relax or else my brain turns off and I all I can think about is how spaced out I feel, which makes talking about anything serious an issue).

Do not be afraid about talking about your mental health, especially if you're a man. Do not be afraid, no one will judge you. A lot of people will look up to you for being so open. It is a sign of security and strength. A sign that you will not bow down to negativity but strive to rise up and overcome any obstacle, any hurdle, bump, difficulty. To reach your peak, to reach your goal, to be yourself, to be healthy, to be happy.

(Side note: Green tea is amazing and I find it seriously helps me better than meds. This is not medical advice and please don't assume if it works for me it will work for you, discuss it with a doctor or come to your own conclusion through research after talking to a doctor)

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  • What a wonderfully positive post. Good luck in your recovery x

  • Hello

    I agree it is so good to see someone posting letting others know that no matter if you are male or female do not be afraid of speaking to your Doctor about how you feel and so pleased you have got the support and help you need and you are moving forward , I hope it long continues and wish you all the best :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thanks guys/gals ^^^ im ill with a bug atm you definitely brightened my day :)

  • Sorry you are not well :-(

    But glad we brightened up your day :-)

    Hope you feel better soon :-) x

  • my bug turned out to be tonsillitis haha but after 2 days on antibiotics and co-codamols the pain was gone. All good again :)

  • You have a good attitude on dealing with anxiety. Man or woman doesn't make any difference, we are all human and at times in our lives need help.

    Feel well soon from the "bug". Take care.

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