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I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this?


As a sufferer of anxiety and depression and knowing what it feels like, I wondered if anyone could sign this petition epetitions.direct.gov.uk/pe... ... It's so important to me, it's heartbreaking so many mental health illnesses are often unrecognised by both sufferers and family and friends of the sufferer. I myself have attempted suicide because it just feels like there's no point, nobody understands or takes me seriously, plus it's very hard to talk about with anxiety in my case because I'm worried about being judged. I don't want it to be weird to normal people....I want it to be a recognised condition that people know about and understand. And the treatment I've had has been slow and unhelpful in my case, I don't know about yours. I have loved ones who have lost friends and family who kept things too quiet, and silently suffered until it was too much. I'm hoping people can take a couple of minutes just to sign this, I was would be ally grateful and as sufferers yourself I hope you know where I'm coming from. Thank you for reading, hope all is well with everyone... Xx

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Signed, hun! xxxxxx Rose


Signed it too !

whywhy xxx

signed xxx

I will link it up to Facebook if I can x

Signed xxxxxxxxxxxx

I signed it, and have shared it on facebook...

Just signed and have asked my friend too!! Xxxx


Thank you :) xx


Signed x

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