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Im lost

I feel like all my fight has gone

I was 22 with twin boys when my panic attracts started,most people believe that it was the stress of looking after my boys on my own but my boys where the only thing keeping me going at the time so after a year going to the GP and hospitals as well as having test after test done I was put on antidepressants beater blockers and dizapan,I felt good not better but ok i went back to work even went on holiday

But then about two years ago I started to get pain from my left shoulder all the way down my are so right away I'm thinking heart attack I go to the GP and he give me painkillers that makes me sick and sends me for X-rays bloods and phyiso and they find that I have arfthirits in my spin but they don't know how it's hurting my shoulder it has now spread to the other shoulder but they say nothing can be done and I'm in pain all the time

But am I ?? Is the pain real so I take more dizapan or dose my mind just make out its real so I Carrie on taking the dizapan I'm soo lost

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It sounds that you may have neck problems that are transmitted down your arms and neck. This can be caused by posture or neck problems caused when breaking in the car. This puts stress on the nerves and tendons in the neck.

Posture and the way you are sitting also can cause problems in the shoulder and neck. You can imagine the nerves that run down your neck to the lower body so this can transmit problems to various parts of your body.

You do not say if you have seen the Physio as yet, when you get your appointment they should be able to feel or see what is causing your complaint.

Talk to your GP again they will look further into your complaint.

You need not worry many people suffer from above, generally from late teens to late twenties. During this time your spine is still forming and sometimes some treatments can help

Do not worry



Fifi, it sounds like you have been on antidepressants, beta blockers and diazepam for several years now. None of those are really going to help with the arthritis in your spine. Sounds like you need to go to a Pain Clinic or a Rheumatologist who can evaluate your pain level. There are different ways to approach pain w/o using drugs.


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