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Hey everybody. My mind & subconscious have convinced me that I am going to die soon, it’s just this repeated feeling and intrusive thoughts. Has anyone heard or go though some of these awful feelings? Please I’m going crazy

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Hjkghjkk, where did this idea come from?? Has a close friend or love one die recently?Sometimes we connect with someone our age dying suddenly or possibly hearing about

a tragic passing. Our mind can then relay that to our own mortality.

And yes, when my father died in a tragic home accident, for the longest time, I felt

that I too would someday die that way. I'm glad you are here to talk with us and

share your fears. We are never alone with our thoughts.

Welcome to this safe caring forum of support :) xx

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Thank u for this reply it was really a necessity and yes it just randomly started after I saw some of my people die in a motorcycle accident and don’t get me wrong I got over the that but the feeling doesn’t leave me. It’s there all day long everyday, it’s connecting to ocd too because every time some one mentions the future my mind would say something dumb like “you won’t be here” or something bad & it really depresses me man

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Have you talked with a professional about this?It's important you get some closure. Are you psychic that you feel you

can see into other's future? it just about a hopelessness in none of

us knowing about our last moments?

I lost my father years ago in a tragic house accident. I had seen him a couple

hours before asking him to join some family members for dinner out. Because

my mother had a headache, he wanted to stay home.

When I came back to visit, the Paramedics were there, my mother screaming

that my dad had fallen down the steps. That was the house I had grown up in.

Every time I went to see my mom after that, I'd see myself at the bottom of those

steps. I somehow felt I too would die that same death.

It took a long time in having therapy to get those thoughts out of my mind.

It's a terrible feeling to feel death so close. Please keep safe and reach out

for therapy. I care :) xx

Thank you so much and may your dad Rest In Peace ❤️🙏🏽

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Thank you that was so kind of you It touched my heart :) xx

For a month I been feeling like I’m going to die.

I’m on way to many med’s.

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Hey is there any way I can contact you privately?

My dad has just recently died from covid pneumonia and I also feel like I’m dying and it’s a horrible feeling and the thoughts are horrible too. I’m currently seeing a counsellor and it does help but it’s not for everyone. I hope you can find a way that helps

Yes all the time and get all the symptoms of the illness I think I’ve got.


I don’t usually comment on posts but I feel like this. One morning I woke up and was shaking thinking I’m gonna die. I’ve had this feeling for an extremely long time. I can’t see a future. I don’t see the point of doing anything either.. the thought of it drives me insane. It’s really stopping me from living my life it’s the worst thing I’ve ever experienced!

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