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Thought things was getting easier!

I took a big step today and I went to a friends house with my little one, I don't usually go out much, but past few days I'd managed to go to the shop in morning after dropping kids at school, and chat to friends.I was fine, having a laugh and a cup of tea. Then a lady came round (that I wasn't expecting) and my friend started talking about problems with her boiler! I suddenly became dizzy and felt sick, my vision all funny, I needed to get out of there, I got so worried that there was something seriously wrong with her boiler. I got my baby's coat on and told her I'd best get home and tidy up. I needed to escape.

Does anyone else get like that

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I don't usually, it's a big step, I've been encouraging myself to try and do things, the local shop wasn't too bad so when she asked if I wanted to go to hers, I thought why not.i get hot and weak too, think I'd pushed myself abit too soon, I wish I'd just carried on with the shops for a few more weeks, then took another step x


Oh that feeling that you explained. I could actual feel it as I was reading your post.

It's the worse when you are out of your comfort zone and it happens. It's like our

mind focuses on what people are chatting about and then we get lost in our own scary thoughts. I'm so sorry that happened to you and hope you are feeling better at home.

Sending you a hug x

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Thanks agora, it really is just automatically think the worst, I felt sick with worry, and quickly making an excuse up to leave.

Hugs back to you 😊


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