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Feel like getting things off my chest !!!!!

Like many people here know i suffer from severe panic and anxiety i have trouble sometimes going out and eating out. Just cannot switch off and relax. I am finding this frustrating andf annoying now as its ruining my life.

I have been off work a week now half term and before the break was being phased back into work. I was doing alright but now the thought of returning is stressing my anxiety again.

I should have been trying to ride the public transport ( bus) this week as most of the time is my greatest fear and my only means of transport but have not done so.

This means i have to get a taxi into work which is costing me a fortune. Like most people i have a mortgage and bills and unless i work will not be able to make ends meet.

I just sit and cry sometimes thinking to myself the simplest of tasks i am unable to achieve.

I use to have so much energy but nowadays i am tired and my head feels like a haze. I have an infection of the sinuses at the moment and this is not helping.

I want to feel positive and have some really good days but when the bad days kick in you just feel like throwing in the towel.

Just fancied writing what i am feeling today as i feel i can share with good people.

Hope everyone has a nice day the best thing is the sun is shining :)


Love Seyi xxx

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Hi Seyi sorry to hear this is how your feeling at the moment and I'm sure the sinus infection isn't helping. Hopefully once you get back into the swing of being back at work it will give you something to focus on.

Really hope you mood improves sending you lots of positive vibes. Enjoy the sun whilst its here lol.


Hi Willrich hope you are keeping well :) thanks for your support i suppose the sinus infection is a contribution to how i am feeling :( plus the thought of travelling into work after having a week off is like starting again.


Love Seyi xxx


Hi Seyi

I said on another blog it was nice to see you on here , I have been thinking about you

I can imagine now you have had a break , & your anxiety going up now you are due to go back

I struggle in Taxies as well , & buses my OCD thinks are dirty , so no wonder I don't get very far

Snap as well with the sinus infection , I have one to

I had an op about 10 years ago & ever since , every 3 months I get one

I am going to attempt to see GP , over this again , seen several , but other than antibiotics they don't seem as concerned as me over it

I no how it feels though , the pain in my face feels like someone has smashed a brick at it

Maybe they would like to but ;-)

It does make me more sensitive when I have these infections & my reasonable thinking (which bit I have ) does seem to go through the window , so I do think this will not be helping, like you said

Take it a day at a time , we are all here for you





Hi whywhy trust all is well with you and thanks as always for support. Funny because i was thinking about you the other day :) great minds think alike hahahaha.

I suppose having 4 weeks to phase back into work then the week off does not help matters really. Like you said the anxiety level goes sky high again. (Madness really). I can understand what your saying regarding travelling in taxies as well as buses they are not that clean. But as i have said previously i struggle with the bus journey into work. It takes nearly an hour this i cannot cope with right now.

Sorry to hear you have a sinus infection and its so painful as well as whatever else we have going on in our lives. I hope you feel better soon.

Will take your advice and cope with one day at a time and i appreciate and value all the good friends i have made here.

This is definately a life line for when you want to air feelings as everyone understands.

Thanks again

Big hugs and hope you feel better soon.

Love Seyi xxx


Sorry you are feeling ropey hope you manage to settle back into work ok in the end. I am also hoping the sun shining will make us all feel better.


Hi GrayEm thanks for your message really do appreciate your kindness yeah suppose once i manage to settle back into work i will be fine.

The sunshine certainly does make me feel better.

Hope all is well with you.


Love Seyi xxx


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