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anyone plz?!!

obsessive scary scary thoughts i dont know if there real or just anxiety or depression as i have both but i get scary thoughts that i will die soon like really soon and the thoughts play on my mind and then i feel like im going crazy i feel trapped like noone can help me because thats it imma die noone can stop me dying as if your gonna die then thats it its not the normal anxiety or panic attack this feels real its in my gut and has been for 1 month its so scary its affecting my life i do not leave my home im so terrified and obsessed by this i dont know what to do i hate my life i cant live like this anymore but it wont go it makes me feel funny and weird and everything around me seem dark and doomy like i shouldnt like or do stuff as im going to die anyway so its a waste of time i just wanna be normal not this 😔😔😔😔😔 like someone please is this normal or am I GOING TO DIE SOON LIKE REALLY

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Hello. First things first - you are NOT going to suddenly die. That only happens in books or on television, unless you have a diagnosed terminal illness or are very old. Even then, that is not sudden - it is expected. And yes that is exactly normal thinking for someone with anxiety/health anxiety, depression or sensorimotor obsession. If we are being pedantic then yes we are all going to die at some time - but what you are feeling has nothing to do with that.

Your anxiety is fooling you into thinking you are about to die or have a serious illness. I am pretty sure you have had many tests that have all been negative.

Are you on medication at the moment? How about therapy? If the thoughts are really terrorising you then maybe you should speak with your doctor again - there are treatments to help with that.

The thing is to try and stay relaxed and calm. You need to keep your breathing under control otherwise you will spiral downwards into a panic attack. If you have the right fone there is a free app that can help you control your breathing. You can get it here

Use this to help you breathe properly. I think you might be better off in going to your doctor and explaining how you feel. I am sure you will get the right help.



I was feeling the saaaaaammmeee wayyyyy!!!!! And trust me, it IS only anxiety!!!! It can cause obsessive morbid thoughts. Disaster thinking. It's also another form of OCD but it's called Pure O (just the obsessive part.) always remember 90% of what we worry about never happens. You really have to understand that. You could have some form of depression along with anxiety, they are all linked. And you can also have a depletion in serotonin. I wasn't sure if I did or not after I was told that. I was told magnesium is like a natural cure for anxiety. I tried other things that just weren't helping with my thoughts or anything. And it was bad, they were keeping me up at night and when i did fall asleep, they were there when I woke up and I just felt sick to my stomach and down and unmotivated and just not myself. But listen, 3 days ago I decided to try the magnesium to see if I may have that depletion that needs correcting, and sure enough, it's only been 3 days!!! And those thoughts and ALL my other symptoms are GONE!!! It says to give it a good two weeks to be fully replenished but i already feel the benefits!! Maybe you should consider it. It worked for me. My thoughts were induced by marijuana that caused paranoia and DP/DR and had a panic attack. Which actually depletes serotonin so it made complete sense.

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