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This is really destroying me!

Having some really bad nasty panic attacks and feeling I'm outta control its horrible when you get a bad thought can your mind make you feel like your brain is at freeze and it won't let you say what u really wanna say and when you get a bad thought can you mind make think yeah this what u want when u no deep. Down its bad and it's really not what you want this is really affecting my life atm, I have a lovely supportive family and lovely hubby and beautiful baby girl and I really don't Wanna loose them I wanna be the girl people no me as 😒 also when you get the image of bad thought going on in your head you feel you have to Imagine Yourself in that situation then your brain realise it's bad then when you brain says yeah this is really bad you can say what you wanted to say in the first place it's really werid this and really don't feel myself hope some can help me and understand what I'm saying because it's hard to explain in a message

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I can feel your anxiety just by reading your post and can imagine this is on your mind every waking hour the way you have worded it which is what happens when anxiety is bad and what helps to keep it going :-(

Why do you think your family would turn their backs on you ?

I am almost sure they would not and you would not loose them again this is your anxiety telling you this because we feel so low all we can think of is the worse scenarios we don't love ourselves when we feel like this so our anxiety starts to tell us why should anyone else want and love us but they do because they can see beyond our anxiety and know the loving caring person that is within and anxiety can never take that away :-)

The thoughts again this is anxiety keeping that grip on you , let the thoughts come and go , when you have one tell yourself OK not pleasant but this is a thought and thoughts can not harm us

Someone without anxiety may get an unpleasant thought but whereas someone with anxiety holds on to that thought and let's it grow someone without anxiety just let's it pass through and thinks no more of it and that is where the difference is and we have to try and work on mastering the same technique which can be done with practice and patience with ourselves

If you had just had a major illness and they said right it will take a year before you are back to how you used to be chances are you would accept that , not over think it and wait to feel better , anxiety is no different but the more you try to rush it the more anxious you feel , a lot can be about acceptance , accepting how we feel today and not looking back but looking at what we can do in anyone day to stat making small progress with our anxiety , and with every little achievement we make this will start adding up to getting our anxiety under control

Maybe set really small goals even if it is if I have bad thoughts today at least one of them I will just let go of straight away , can be anything , jot down what ever small achievement you did in that day and start reading back on them at the end of the week and whatever they are feel proud and see that you are slowly taking little steps to becoming anxiety free

This is not a race and there are no prizes but we can all get to the end in our own time and with the right support :-)

Take Care x

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Wow.. This is defenitley anxiety/panic disorder. I too have this feeling and thoughts. I am constantly thinking ok you might have something in your brain (Terminal illness etc..) and i try to convince my self No i dont Ive gotten Ct scans in the past of my head and ive gotten Ekgs blood work and iam Fine. But its so hard to convince your self /mind that ur ok. Its like the anxiety tells you things you dont wanna to know or feel. Its hard to explain but i know exactly what you mean.



If you are stressed you need to ask yourself what is causing your problem ?

Personally if not already you need to see your GP and He will be able to talk this out and arrange a treatment plan.

If you now have a child, and you are looking after house and husband this can unsettle you and cause panic attacks and possible depression, especially if things have in some way changed in your family.

Talk to your GP, Even doing everyday shopping can be a stress if money is causing problems as well. looking after home can be a worry. Also if you are working and that worries it all adds up



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