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Manipulative Anxiety and Depression

As I have been dealing with my Anxiety and Depression the last two months, I have noticed a lot of physical symptoms. Some that makes sense and some that are just strange.

I have struggled with Health Anxiety and through Therapy, I making some strides with this but I have this new strange feeling that has really been bothering me.

Sometimes, I feel like my left foot is heavier than my right foot and that my left side is actually facing further back on my body than my ride side. I also feel like my head is tilting slightly to the left sometimes. I really notice from time to time and I try to stay busy and work through it and find something else to do. I wouldn't say it is numb, but like sometimes just feels like my body symmetry is totally off.

Of course this makes me get a little anxious like I am pre-stroke mode but I don't have a headache, nothing appears to be drooping but it is candidly a very strange feeling.

Now, I had noticed the leg/foot thing a few times and it never really bothered me but as I started working out again and my muscles have been tight, it would make sense to me that maybe my right side is just tighter thus throwing off my equilibrium or at least the feeling of equilibrium.

I also feel like in a sense of fog when I have these feelings. That is the best way to describe it. Things are going on around me but I don't even seem to notice them. Like the best way to simply describe it is like I am in this dense fog and I feel like I am constantly leaning to the left.

I titled this post what i did because it seems like my physical symptoms just evolve and adapt and it is just so manipulative.

At this point I try to examine the evidence before I overact but this feeling has been so weird for the last couple of days. It also came with like some shallow breathing issues but again, I have had bad reflux since I starting dealing with all this anxiety nonsense so that be playing a role in as well.

Any suggestions would be helpful or if you are struggling with this, please let me know because the tightness in my chest has been replaced by this malady and it gets very frustrating.

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The "fog" feeling could be derealisation, and I can tell you firsthand that derealisation comes with a lot of weird, unexplainable symptoms. I've had a friend with it who felt like her left and right side weren't in sync. Nobody ever could explain it. It went away with the anxiety. My only advice is to just ignore it, and if your doctor says you're fine, you are. It does sound like you're making progress though, so you should try to focus on that! (:


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