Right I no longer think I have terminal illnesses thanks to my cbt.. My symptoms are hardly there! Now I think I have some sort of OCD with my body I check that everything looks the same on each side.. I look at other people's hands to see if they look the same as mine and there feet aswell if I can 🙈 I don't mean to do it but I have to do it.. Is that OCD? And is it normal after suffering health anxiety? Thanks


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  • Hello. You are spot on with the OCD. Anxiety and OCD are often working together. The good news is that therapy is also the cure for OCD - so stick with it :-)

  • She signed me off didn't think I needed any more sessions 😁😁 like I'm really controlling the anxiety now it's the OCD that's taking over 🙈 X

  • Therapy is the cure for ocd. So if you feel that it is affecting your life greatly then you need to get back in again . Many people have ocd to some extent, but it does not really interfere with their lives - but if it does for you then, as I say, therapy is the answer :-)

  • You know I actually don't mind the OCD it was the anxiety that was ruining me! My boyfriend has cleaning OCD he had a panick attack last night but he told me to talk to him and then it went and he controlled it so well!! Maybe I can learn something from him! Thankyou Karl xx

  • Well if you are happy then no problem :-) x

  • Hi Jess, OCD could be regarded as an 'anxiety' don't you think? You have possibly switched from train/type of thoughts to another at the moment it sounds like!

    Yes, people do have different size feet, legs, hands, arms. heads, because we are all individuals, with different heights, weights and bone structures. That is 'normal'......

    Can you try and keep those thoughts in your head, if you find yourself starting to look at others again, you might find that 'the logic' of my argument helps, I hope so!

    Shirley x

  • I have ocd and health anxiety I really am gonna have to go and see a cbt therapist I just have to learn to leave the house first. X

  • I just cannot seem to get out everytime I try I get anxiety. X

  • Hey twin ☺️ Have you spoke to anyone yet about starting cbt xx

  • Hi twin sister :) how are you tonight? No I havent spoken to anyone about starting it yet I am going to phone them on monday, I will give it a try and see if it will work. X

  • I'm really good Thankyou!! Go for it.. It's brilliant 😘 It's helped me so much.. My symptoms are disappearing ☺️ Are you okay? Xx

  • Yeah I will give it a go and im doing ok still alot of anxiety when laying down to go to sleep if I have a stressful day then the anxiety gets to me especially at night. X

  • Yes I have health anxiety I do checks, prod poke, a few weeks ago I was prodding my neck and thought I felt something so I was then prodding my partners and my nieces. If one of my children feels warm, I don't just use the thermometer on the one that feels warm, I have to check everyone in the house 😳

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