Anxiety Support

I have major anxiety I need help!

Okay so I am signed up for therapy and meds for my anxiety, but I can,t start because my sons not in daycare yet and won,t be for another month. In the meantime I wanted to know if st johns wort can actually help until I start receiving medication for this. I have heard mixed messages about it some say its great others say its had no effect on them. So I wanted to know if anyone's tried it and its worked for them. Some days are better than others but for the most part right now most of them are bad. It,s really taken over my life and I want so bad to gain controls of it again. People stare and make comments that I can hear as if I'm not even there which only makes things worse. While I'm on the bus I try to close my eyes and feign sleep so others won't notice me when I start panicking, but they still talk about me. My life is like a living nightmare right now. You notice the stares as I walk by the looks I get if my son makes a scene and the side remarks people make about my mental health when they think I'm not noticing. It actually hurts a lot and can be pretty embarrassing. I just want to live a happy and normal life like I used to. I know everyone has issues but I don't want to let this take controls of me. I need my life back.


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