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What is going on with me ?? I went to hemotogist Jan 5th weight was 214 just got on the scale today and it's 211 I'm staring to freak I eat but also drink a lot of water thru the day but of course panic is taking over that there is some serious going on in 9 days I lost I don't know how to think anymore today I just want to cry and cry I'm forcing myself to go to work with is physical I clean houses not the best job but pays bills and I'm trying to keep busy even thou I feel like total shit sorry for the word but that's how I'm feeling bones ache and it's so cold here today and the pain on my right side is still there ugh

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Hi. I am sorry that you are having a hard time. But I would start this post by congratulating you on still having the determination to hold down a job. That is a very big thing for someone with this illness. It does not matter what job you do - you are making a big contribution in very difficult circumstances, and giving your anxiety a good old kick too. :-) So that is something you should be very proud of and feel positive about.

The weight thing - its just a biological fact that we all will experience weight fluctuation one way or the other, even on a daily basis. You can lose as much as 2-3 pounds in a overnight. It is normal and nothing to worry about. There are several possible reasons for this fluctuation, the amount we are drinking for example, medications, our salt intake. You could be weighing yourself when dehydrated or just after drinking or eating - all of these will make a difference.

What you are doing by continuing to work will help - it forces your mind to concentrate on things other than the thoughts put there by the anxiety. You are telling the illness you are not going to accept things without a fight. These are all positives for you. Of course you will have bad times and less bad times and even good times - hopefully you are getting some kind of treatment to help you overcome the anxiety.



Oliveira 1st thing you need to do is go and see your doc. If you can't go and talk to the head pharmacist where you buy anything from. Your doc should order blood tests, the pharmacist may recommend something short term to help kickstart things. You cannot survive on water.,you need to at least breakfast and dinner to get a variety of the essential nutrients into your body.


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