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Feeling pretty poor for a week now, low energy levels, waking too early which in turn is making me feel lifeless and tired, currently have tight chest with intermittent arm/shoulder spasms, i went to see my Dr Tuesday this week, still feeling just as poir now, making me want to see another Dr next week, have no medication other than a anti_inflamitory for my shoulder, not sure theres any point in that mind, as my Dr gave me a data sheet with book titles to read on health anxiety.. :(

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Hi Anthony. First of all welcome to our group. I know that you will find understanding and support from the people on here and I hope that you will also find some answers to your questions :-)

Books...really? Ok to some extent I can go along with that as a distraction technique. But it would not be the first thing I would recommend as there is already so much information out there on all the anxieties and related issues.

I am not clear as to how long you have had anxiety disorder and what treatments you may have had. I see that you currently dont take medication and I am assuming that you are not in any therapy.

It seems to me that maybe your doctor does not really have a proper idea of your situation - sometimes we find doctors a bit scary and we dont say all the things we should say. So it might be useful for you to attend the next appointment you mentioned and give a detailed description of what you are suffering.

It might be that you will need to have a proper full physical examination to rule out any physical causes of your illness. From your description it does sound very much like more of a psychological illness, but that does not make it any less important.

That is about all I can contribute at the moment based on your post. I hope that you attend the appointment and et the p[roper diagnosis and any treatment you might need.



Karl great reply how do you find and manage to say the right stuff!


Thank you for your very kind and generous comment :-) Everyone on here says the right things - it is just that kind of place :-)


Read the books , you are armed with knowledge which is good! I love Dr Claire weeks ( a tad old fashioned) but I use it all the time ! You have done right going to the dr and we in the site are all here too your not alone !

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Thanks, i welcome all the feedback and help, i I'm terribly paranoid its a heart attack going on all the time, particularly when im trying to carry out my daily tasks and feeling more breathless than i think normal?


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