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Just joined after googling for advice,from the posts I've read I'm now feeling I'm not alone with things I'm experiencing.living alone is scary when you feel so awful,and you feel your being a nuisance phoning family all the time.I now feel I'm able to get in touch on here for advice and support when I need it

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HI Low And welcome x Hope we can all be a help to you and help you not feel so lonely, lovely bunch here and great admins who keep us all safe from trolls etc x Is it just general anxiety you are suffering from?

I used to feel like you that I was a pest to my family always wanting reassurance but I tend to find i dont need to now due to people and help on here xx Donver xx


Thanks Donver,the constant reassurance is exactly what I feel I need.Its nice to know that there are people with the same problems who are willing to help.Thanks for the welcome x


No problem Low x You will always find someone here happy to help x You will also find they range from all areas of anxiety to ocd etc, so most things covered x :)


Hi & welcome :)

Always someone on here who knows just how you're feeling, I'm sure you'll get lots of advice & understanding.



Hi love ,know how u feel Hun,I live alone too,iv had a lot of health and anxiety probs,I had nowhere to turn to till I Found this site,they ave been a godsend to me and have made some grt friends too,i have lost my hubby 8yrs ago and my son 4yrs ago,these last few months have been really bad and without my friends on here I'd have gone under I can tell you,thank goodness ther r some lovely people on here,xxxx


Nice of you to reply.Its so hard to find a site that really helps,I've been trying for a while and came on this one by accident,so glad I did.Ive only suffered since last September,when I had a panic attack out of the blue,and then the anxiety has got steadily worse,every new symptom is so scary it's nice to know that I have somewhere to go for advice without going to the doctors every few days.Hope thing are getting easier for you xxx


Not to well at the mo ,had tummy pros for a while now,and my asthmas flared up too,,but I think the sadness I feel will allways remain


Will be thinking of you.I know about the sadness,lost my husband 5 yrs ago,but cannot begin to imagine how you feel after the loss of your son xxxx


Its a heartache that never leaves me,he was my only son,we will b together 1day,miss him dreadfully


Meg I can' t tell you how sorry I am for your devestating loss.My prayers and thoughts are with you.Anne xxxx


Thank u very much Anne,I'm a firm believer in prayer and I get good support from my local church,who have been very kind also,will talk again soon Anne and glad uv joined us on here ,hugs xxxx


Hi & Welcome

I cant add more than what members have said already with their warm welcomes to you

The more you chat on here people will get to know exactly what kind of support & suggestions they can help you with , we don't always have the answers but there is always someone to listen that understands :-)





Dear Lowtongirl,

Welcome to this community.

When I first joined this community I remember that one of the members replied to my first post with something like 'you are not alone'. It was so nice to read that. I would like to say the same thing to you. You are not alone.


Marcus xxx


Thanks to all who welcomed me.Going through lots of posts and can identify with lots of the symptoms,as I seem to have a lot of them.Its nice to know I'm not suffering alone.My anxiety problems only started last September,so it's all quite new to me and I have been very frightened at time.Now I have somewhere to go and people who understand x



Yes this site is a welcome relief to many of us on here!

We are a friendly lot here always here to listen give advice or just to have a laugh:)

Hope you have a nice day :) x


Thank you x


Welcome to the site.

They are a lovely bunch of people on here , always ready to support snd offer their advice.

It has been a great help to me over the last year or so.

We know how you feel so you are not alone.... far from it.

Come on here anytime, there will always be someone to help you. Love Julie xx


Thanks so much x


Welcome to this site everyone on here is very friendly and supportive, I too suffer anxiety (GAD) and Depression and I have received a lot of support and useful advice, hope this helps you in the same way. :)


dear anne,


Just wanted to say welcome to the site. There is always someone around to offer you a bit of advice from rhe horses mouth so to speak or just to offer a bit of comfort that you are not alone.



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