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Don't know how bad some of u are but I struggle to go out at times and o never go alone...hence where I feel guilty.... My daughter ... I feel so so bad that at times I cannot be the mother she deserves... Oh I love her more than life itself... And it's so frustrating... I look at my family n friend's and oh how I would love to be like them and do normal things .

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  • Now lets get something clear my friend - you have nothing to feel guilty about. If you had a broken leg or pneumonia would you feel guilty? No you would not. Just because your illness is psychological does not make it any the less serious or severe than a physical illness. Indeed, it is my contention that psychological illness is a far more difficult one to deal with - many people have no understanding or psychological illness - unless they themselves get it of course. So dont even begin to blame yourself for this illness and its consequences.

    I am sure that your daughter knows very well that this is not something you have just chosen to have. You did not wake up one morning and decide to have a psychological illness. So I say again - you have nothing to feel guilty about :-)


  • Don't feel guilty at all that will make you a lot worse I also don't go out if I do may be to the corner shop at that's a struggle I feel so weird walking. Also I have five beautiful sons I also think about them u would to be the mother who ca take them tin parks go on holiday etc but it's so difficult. I've suffered like this seven years even during my pregnancys it was hard I'm that scared I wouldn't get bloods done etc. I understand how you feel but plz don't feel guilty your daughter has a loving caring mother and I bet she's spoilt by you take care xx

  • Thanks very much... It's the simple know..just her and I going shopping or swimming etc.... And this anxiety just doesn't permit that x

  • Thank you... Its nice to hear xxx

  • You are very welcome :-)

  • Exactly you go swimming and shopping that's great I don't do that I gave a good partner who does my shopping I feel so guilty on him doing that but hopefully one day it will turn from the moment I wake up till I go to sleep all I think if us the bad things x

  • No..I don't go lol... I meant I wish I.could xxx

  • Or right lol I do wish I could hunny we sound the same are u really tired to and weak xx

  • I cry sometimes when I feel really ill it scares me like lastnight I was just drifting of I jumped out of my skin my heart was pounding felt as though I was on a ship sinking and moving so weird xx

  • Yes. Definitely. It's awful... I'm so tired n achy constantly but struggle to sleep as I'm.not relaxed enough. I love when people say to me..."just calm down",lol... Eh that's exactly what I strive to do... Xxx

  • Ha ha I'm so fidgety it's unreal even tho I'm exhausted looking after five kids I can sleep during day but it takes me a while to get to sleep its crazy and Ano were your coming from its easy for people to say relax calm down I can not sit down I'm always cleaning xx

  • What we like lol ... Wouldn't it be amazing to wake up one day and feel ok... Not wonderful.I don't want to be greedy...just ok would suit me lol xxx

  • Hello, how are you feeling?

  • Not too bad Jill thanks. Meant to be going to see a friend tonight but can see it far enough x how's you x

  • Hi there, maybe do you good to get out a wee while, try and go if you can.

    I'm ok had a nice long bath earlier (I'm always in the bath these days). Just made thick veggie soup and going to have a chicken dinner! 😊

    I think the keeping busy thing does help for sure!

    I hope you manage to go out later even just for a short time.

    J x

  • Hi Jill. How was your soup and chicken? .. I did go out and I had a great time ..lots of laughter...was a late one tho so felt bit iffy today with only having four hours sleep .... Xxx

    Hope you're wellx x

  • Hi there aw brilliant that's great, well done you!

    I'm ok, soup and chicken was good! πŸ˜†

    You ok tonight?

  • Yes...seem to be....just extra tired. I' the " I'm not letting this beat me mood" atm..Hope it

  • That's good, I'm trying that too! This site is good isn't it! πŸ˜†

  • Very good... I always find some peace and calmness after being on xx

  • Everyone so nice and helpful. Karl is brilliant! 😊 x

  • That would be a dream come true ha ha got to laugh or is crack up a feel ok just tired today am chilling on settee at the moment mite even have a nap xx

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