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Can you have more anxiety attacks when poorly

Was wondering if you can have more anxiety attacks when your under the weather because I seem to be having more attacks since becoming unwell 2 week ago my hubby said I might do because my body not as strong to fight against them when poorly but I dunno I know I'm feeling like I wanna run off and like I wanna kick out not sure what that kinda means but always feel like I'm going to kick off I don't like the feeling and it scares me incase I do I haven't yet

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Hi. Your husband is right - it is more difficult to fight against anxiety when you are also dealing with some physical illness - anxiety will strike when you are at your most vulnerable.

We all tend to get a bit snappy when we dont feel well - so dont worry about that. I am sure your husband understands.

For the moment you need to focus on getting well from your physical illness in order to have a better chance against the anxiety. You will feel frustrated and powerless sometimes when coping with your anxiety. Don't worry too much about that. I am not sure if you take medication or attend therapy - if so, just make sure you keep up with those. I hope that you feel better soon.


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I do take medication n waiting on therapy appointment yh seem to have cought a bug so the feeling off kicking off or kicking out like I'm going to attack some one don't mean I am?


No it does not mean you are :-) You will get over that when you feel better.


So just got to put up with it till then it's been 2 weeks so far :( thanks for your reply tho


Well if you have physical illness then your doctor should be able to treat it. It might be you have some virus or other due to weather at this time of year. But it should not be so difficult to help you recover from that. Maybe you need to visit your doctor again?


Yh think I will do ta n it's some various that's got me big time


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