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Anxiety attacks

Anybody got any tips of how to control these ridiculous anxiety attacks. I know that my reactions are totally irrational considering the situations. Yesterday I completely lost it because I couldn't find some stuff when my family and I were getting ready to go shopping. Well I was already feeling a bit tight chested because my computer was running too slowly then I got a phone call from a sales person and basically just said "if it's not free it's too expensive, go away" (possibly using other choice words) and then when I couldn't find anything I needed after that, the last item being my bank card (It was in the car) I couldn't breathe I couldn't even see properly so theres no wonder I couldn't find anything. I drive myself crazy it's so annoying. Any tips on how I can ride these things out without making a complete prat of myself???!!!

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Hi R3 the only thing i have found to work for me is to step back and i mean step back and just stop. and think to your self how silly this all is (not saying what you have happening is silly just a way of looking at it)

and then try again but this time keep thinking that nothing has the right to make you feel so bad over something so small in your day to day life.

Hope this helps.

All the best

Trip x


I'm not at all offended by the 'silly' word. It is, thats why I drive myself mad, it's so silly it's unrea. l I know it's silly when its happening but I can't get a grip. On the positive side great day today though!


I was just going to ask on here how to control a panic attack outside,I don't want to go on drugs like I I'd last winter,it's te winter I get these and I'm housebound ,I'm panicking before I go outta door ,because I know if I go out c old il get a bronco spasm


Hi Meg how are you doing today? hope you ok?

Well i know what your feeling and i mean that, i myself didn't leave the house a few years back for over a year! yes a year!

you can beat this i am still not 100% but i do go out now and over time it gets better.. i will not be easy and i still find it hard but you can do it.

i wish i had joined this site years ago so you could see what i was like, take it slow.

Stay strong Meg



Hi meg a i have been suffering with panic attacks eouldnt drive go to shops or anything i have recently made myself do bit by bit and when i go out i say to myself if your gona cone panic come i will deal with you it is hard esp when on your own and wm still feeling less confident but once i am out i try to take my mind off them just try little by little walk to a shop or even just down street and keep going a little further each time thats wgat i keep doing let me know how you do xxx


Hey, I can really sympathise with this. One thing I do is write a little list of what you need to organise. This stops the panic, and fretting when time is not on your side. i.e when im going food shopping, I have a list which says: phone, purse, car keys, bags, shopping list! Cos I have looked at it so often I know remember it, like auto-pilot. when i start to fret I panic too. What is hard is if there are interruptions like you have had. I found over time if I was generally organised that if there was an interruption e.g the phone rings. then I found it easier to deal with cos everything else was in place. If that makes sense? Stick to the simple neccessities, everything else will follow, its takes practise so be patient. All the best x x


tintin that makes SO MUCH sense thank you thank you thank you. That kind of organisation would totally make me feel more in control of the situation and hopefully more in control of myself. e.g If I'm taking little one swimming prepare everything we need night before leave it by the door then I can get us ready and go without thinking too much about it. They'll be no frantically looking for stuff and no excuses to start panicing and choosing to stay in instead ruining both of our day. Thanx I'll give that a go and will keep you posted. May not need happy pills after all. Loads a love R3D x


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